Thursday, 27 July 2017

Trying something new... Diamond Painting

If you follow me on facebook at all you will know that I love to craft. I've tried my hand at many crafts over the years from card making, sewing, painting, jewellery making and I've even dabbled at making things from resin in the past too. I guess I just like to be creative and enjoy being able to move from different craft styles to suit my mood. I was recently looking for cross stitch kits and as I had Amazon vouchers started looking on there when I came across something called Diamond Painting. All the kits I could find come from China but I decided to give it a punt and for £4.59 I'm really pleased with the result. 

Inside the packaging was: 
8 packs of gems - each pack was a different colour and numbered to match the chart
A bead tray
A beading tool 
a small square of adhesive 
The printed picture. 

The picture is a mixture of printed area that doesn't get the gems glued to it and an area marked out to have gems glued on. The pattern for gluing the gems is colour and number coded so you can see that all colour 1 go in one place, all colour 2 in another etc. The area for sticking gems on is pre-glued and very sticky! It's covered in cellophane to protect it so it's really worth while having a pair of scissors to hand to trim the cellophane back and do small sections at a time.

The small square of adhesive is like a jelly substance, you just need to put a little amount on the end of your beading tool to help you pick the gems up. 

 I also found it worth having more than one tray for beads so you can do a few colours at a time. The tray that comes with the kit has lines grooved in so a gentle shake of the tray lines the gems up correct way up. I only had the one tray so I used some tub lids that I had. 


Once all your gems are stuck on you need to put something weighted such as books on top to press them down and make sure they are all stuck well. Here is the end result, you can probably tell I like butterflies haha so the choice of picture suits me down to a tee. I'm really pleased with it and looking forward to getting it framed and hung. 

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