Friday, 1 September 2017

What an Awesome August

How scarily fast did August speed past? It's now September and I am faced with the fact that I can no longer say I am in my twenties anymore, and also my baby is starting school this month. How on Earth did this happen? haha.

August has been another very successful month of comping again for me. I've had some fantastic wins. I've also had a little bit of negativity aimed at me for winning which is sad, and does put me off sharing a little bit but I'm still going to share as I hope it will inspire some of you to keep on comping. I'd also like to just quickly respond to comments that anybody who wins lots and regularly must be being dishonest or cheating or greedy. I'm none of those things. There is only me, I only enter as me, I don't sit and enter everything, I don't sit and spend all day comping, I'm selective about what I enter, I fit it in around my family, I will help anybody who needs it - just ask. I'm also going to share this month a little about RRP of prizes and what I've done with some of them, although my list may be a bit higgledy piggledy as my laptop had a brain fart and deleted all my comping spreadsheet and I've had to resort back to pen and paper for the month haha.

Anyway, enough of the moaning and lets get down to business.


My first win was a book called All The Wicked Girls which I won from an online book club I am part of. Books always help I find. If it's not me reading them then my mum or nan usually grab them.

A tote bag - this was my first instagram win of the month, a cute little cotton tote bag which always comes in handy.

Inside the Magic: The Making of Fantastic Beasts. This was also won on instagram. I'm a Harry Potter fan and keep meaning to watch this film but haven't got around to it, the book is a nice memento none the less though.

Beauty and the Beast DVD - this was won from Fabulous and I was really pleased to win it as I love Disney and although it's not the original I wanted to see it.

£20 Tesco Voucher - this was a facebook win from SpoonGuru where you had to comment about the new dietary search facility on the Tesco app. It also led on to a bigger prize later on in the month.

Pearl Drops Tooth paste - from their facebook page, it was a runners up prize, I was aiming for the biggie haha

£20 Amazon voucher - Another facebook win this time from D&T Chartered accountants, you had to watch a video about what you could claim on your tax returns - which was actually really interesting, and leave a comment.

AndyPandy eco nappies - won from instagram and donated to as they were too small for my nephew.

Mens Washbag of toiletries - this hasn't actually arrived yet so I can't tell you what's in it but no doubt it will get put away for one of the men of the family for Christmas - yes I went there.

A Tao and Friends Bodysuit. This was another instagram win and I love the gorilla print it's just so different and cute!

Lip balm - won through a facebook app

Bickie Pegs - won on instagram and going to my niece and nephew.

Max Crumbly books - these were a kids magazine win for Jacob. A little bit old for him right now but another couple of months and he should enjoy them.

Despicable Me Bundle - this was an amazing win with Baby Swap Or Shop. It contained a scooter (which I've given to my nan to give as a Christmas present to my cousins little boy), a 6 in 1 puzzle, a backpack, a minion toy, a unicorn - It's so flufffyyyyyy!!! an r/c Dave and a flying minion. I've put the r/c, flying minion and puzzles in the attic ready for Christmas :)

Diggerland Tickets - I've been entering their comps on twitter for what seems like forever! I finally won a pair this month and due to the stipulations (they end in October but after the 6 week holidays Diggerland is only open weekends and half term) we are going on the 1st September as one last day trip before the boy starts school.

Waitrose Festival tickets - these were won on instagram, unfortunately by the time they announced winners I was no longer able to go on the specified date so they were passed on.

Rapunzel Dress Up Costume - this was won from Rubies Masquerade on instagram. They were running weekly comps and giving 10 costumes a week away across all social media platforms. I gave this to my nan to give to my cousins little girl as a Christmas present.

12 Krispy Kreme donuts - technically the hubsters win although I told him how to enter and as he isn't a regular comper and just dabbles when there are good promo's on I'm listing it here. It was thanks to Nikki at Glam and Geeky Mum that I found out about this competition. You had to send a smiley group picture to Krispy Kreme with the designated hashtag. I'd tried myself but had no luck, hubby won first go.

Knucklebones DVD - won from twitter. My mum loves any type of horror film - including the really terrible ones (I don't know if Knucklebones is terrible I've not watched it, I'm just pointing out my mother has no taste haha), so this is going in her Christmas box.

A bath bomb - won from on instagram thanks to my friend Jenna who tagged me as one of her besties and won us both a bath bomb.

Genuine Fraud book - another from the online book club

£5 Love 2 Shop Voucher - this is from a survey site me and Jacob are part of to discuss childrens TV. Every so often they choose winners from people who have filled in their surveys. This is the third time we have won.

Maz toy - this was from Mazuma Mobile on facebook, and is just a little mini toy version of their logo which sticks on the window. I saw the comp as I was scrolling through and you had to comment what buttons you would press on a Nokia 3310 to type a certain word.

Facial sponges and Clean Beauty Co/BYBI products for me and a friend. I won these on instagram from Clean Beauty Co. I didn't realise at the time how much everything was but I received 2 facial sponges at £9.99 each, a Babe balm each which retails at £28 a pot and a Detox Dust each which sells for £22 a pot. So a fantastic treat for me and my friend Sam. 

BKR Glass bottle for me and a friend - another instagram win, these retail at £20 each! It's actually really cute, I was a bit worried about the practicality of them with them being glass but they have a cute rubber/silicone case on in purple which protects the glass. My friend Sam got the other one :)

Mints - these were from Anatomicals on instagram, you had to like and comment on their picture then send them a picture of a kiss so I sent them a picture of Jacob haha. A small win but the two handbag tins of mints come in handy for in the car.

Frozen Hama beads deluxe set and Scented pens - this was a win for Jacob from Animals and You magazine. The pens smell amazing! We've used them to fill in and decorate envelopes for competitions.

Uni-ball handwriting set - won from Uni-ball on instagram. 2 Lovely pens and a notebook which I'm now using to keep track of wins in!

£100 Amazon voucher - this is the bigger win from SpoonGuru I mentioned above. They asked me to do a video about what I thought of the search features on Tesco app. I'm not normally one to do video's etc as I'm very self conscious but I did it and I received £100 voucher about a week later so I was really pleased. I bought myself the Game of Thrones season 1 - 6 boxset, and along with the earlier £20 Amazon voucher 2 batman LEGO sets and a GOTG LEGO set - I have another baby Groot!!

Savse Baby Food - this was on facebook and was for the first 100 people to comment about weaning. It was supposed to be 12 pouches but I received 10. They were given to my brother as my niece has just started weaning.

Ragdoll - a wee instagram win, it's cute. It's going in with my nieces Christmas presents.

Milkshake DVD - won by Jacob from Milkshake magazine

Richard Ward Chelsea London Hair Hamper - this was won on instagram and is fab. I've kept the root touch up to hide the impending greys but some of the other items will be going in a pamper hamper for my mother for Christmas.

3 personalised Birthday cards - these were won on instagram from Skyscriber I chose for them to have Grandma, Grandad and Jacob put on them. They are lovely.

Sterling Silver Pebble Necklace - won on instagram from ceegeejewellery RRP £36 it's very pretty!

Operation Acid - from the Book Club

Citroen toy car - a small toy car won on instagram from john_grose_citroen

Shimmer Powder Eyeshadow - won in one of amwayukireland's daily competitions on instagram

Opihr Gin - won on instagram for being one of the first 80 people to comment on a post

Bopster Play Tent - this is fab! A triple play tent with tunnels to join them up! Won from on instagram. It's RRP £25 and looks great fun.

Chocolate buttons - won on twitter from Cadbury's Daisy the Cow! A low value prize but came in a lovely sparkly purple envelope and Jacob never turns down chocolate!

Open Arms book

Happy Days of The Grump book

Figs and Rouge Flawless Effects Skincare Package RRP £110 won from Pink Parcel on instagram, I will be keeping most of this for myself but some of it will go in my mam's Christmas pamper hamper.

Barbecue! RRP £219.99 won from Regina Blitz, I was so unsure when I won this and didn't believe it as I'd seen a few other people post about winning on this comp so assumed it had broken but it has been delivered and is real and is huge haha.

£50 Cineworld voucher - won on facebook from Rosedene Nurseries. The competition was so you could take your kids to the cinema and buy snacks too however Jacob dislikes the cinema it causes melt downs and sensory overload so I'm going to use it to go see It instead with the hubby as date night.

Henry London watch RRP £145 including engraving. I won this on instagram I had the choice of any watch I wanted with no budget. I chose this Knightsbridge watch for my Dad and will be giving it to him at Christmas.

Make Up Bag - this was an instagram win for the first 20 people to regram. I don't usually do regram comps on instagram. I don't like them. They make your account look spammy. I do them if it's a guaranteed win though so having checked the hashtag etc I knew I was in time.

My First Thomas Railway Pals Playset RRP £49.99 This was won from Netmums and just arrived in the post without any warning or note where it's from. It's going to be perfect for my nephew Aiden for Christmas.

Elsa dress up costume - this was again from Rubies only on facebook this time. This one is winging it's way to a comper friend whose little girl loves Frozen.

Swimwear 365 Goody bag - this was an instagram win. I'm not sure of the full contents although the picture shows make up etc it also includes a £45 bikini which I would never wear for fear of being harpooned and thrown back in the sea so I ordered it in my friends size and will be giving it to her.

3D Pen - this was won on instagram from RedCartridges. It looks really cool and I''ve had a little play with it and managed to make a heart so far, definitely need more practice though!

Jo Jo Siwa Singing Doll RRP £25. This was from Jake sending in a picture of one of our bearded dragons to a kids mag. You don't know what prize you will get till they publish it so whilst not something Jake will play with I'm giving it to my friend for her daughter so it won't go to waste.

No Shame book

2 Emoji Cheese string lunchboxes from the daily competition

£10 Game voucher won on twitter. Perfect for us as hubby is obsessed with his XBox.

Toddler Crochet Poncho won on instagram and going to my mum to gift to her god daughter. It's super cute and will be perfect for these cooler days as we move in to Autumn.

3 Phil Smith Cocolicious hair products won on instagram as a runners up prize. 

A little boys outfit from ukbabybox on Facebook perfect for my nephew. 

Duff prize of the month goes to Kodak who ran a promotion where every entrant won 10 4x4 prints from them. I love my pictures so I entered and obviously won. It turned out to be a £2 discount and postage was still applicable at £3.50 so i gave it a miss as I can get more photo's printed for less at other retailers.

I hope everyone has a fantastic September, lots of luck, 

Dani x 


  1. Brilliant haul again, congratulations! That necklace is gorgeous. I'm sorry you've had some negativity last time, it's just sour grapes. I know how much you help other people who want to do competitions so I'm always pleased to see your name pop up as a winner.

  2. Well done a nice month there, love seeing what people win x

  3. well done, whats this about negativity? its just jelousy hun, i think its amazing, and thank you for all the tags, really appreciate, reading this gives me the oomph to get back into my old groove. 6 more sleeps and lil is back at school and ill have more time to comp. keep up the great work hun xxxx

  4. Amazing list of prizes well done Dani xx

  5. Amazing wins! I won a Peppa Pig house this month and that's it although it's perfect for the kids for Christmas.

    1. Well done hun, winning Christmas presents is the best I find. I love being able to give a gift to somebody that I wouldn't have necessarily been able to buy for them. I hope you win lots more lovely things :)

  6. Great month for you! You're doing really well on Instagram - do you hashtag search them out yourself? I need to get on IG a bit more, haven't had time over the summer!

    1. Yes hun, it's better to search through the day as thats when there are more UK comps, when it's the evening other countries seem to be more active so you get more of those comps. I just search for things like #freebiefriday #winitwednesday #competition etc and scroll through. It can be a little time consuming but it's definitely been worth it for me this month!


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