Tuesday, 19 February 2019

Jacobisms- Things The Boy Says

I’ve recently posted a few of Jacobs little snippets on social media and a few friends and family had a chuckle so I thought I’d share some of them here.

Me: Did you have a good day at school?
J: It was mediocre
Me: What does mediocre mean? (He’s six!)
J then holds one finger up on each hand: This is good, this is bad. Mediocre isn’t good or bad it’s just kind of in the middle, mediocre.

J’s school rang to say he was ill and needed collecting and bringing home. On the way home my partner rang me on speakerphone.
J: Mama I need some alcohol
Me: Do you mean calpol?
J: Oh yes.

J: Mama can we get chicken for delivery? (Takeaway from sandwich shop)
Me: Not today I’ve got no money I can’t afford it and we’ve got things in for dinner.
J goes off looking for money and comes back with loose change.
J: How much have I got is it enough for chicken?
Me: 97p and that’s not enough. We need paper money.
J sits for a while thinking.
J: Can’t you just print some off. Google paper money find a picture and print it and we will spend that.

A few days later also on the thought of money:
J: Mama we could get some penny moulds on eBay and melt metal and make our own coin money.

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  1. Funny how kids think. My eldest admitted he thought you just went up to a cashpoint, typed some random numbers in and it gave you free cash. If you have some real corkers have you thought about sharing them with Yours magazine, which has a section on kids' bloomers and they pay you for any ones they print.


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