Saturday, 1 July 2017

Prizes I won in June....

My hobby is entering competitions, I've been entering them for 9 years now and have had some wonderful prizes over that time, and this month has been no exception. As with the LEGOland family ticket entering competitions gives me the chance to get nice things for my family that we wouldn't otherwise get to have or do so it really is rewarding.

Here is a low down of things I won in June...

An iExplore BUGS book 

Every month Parents in Touch have a list of several books (and sometimes other prizes) that you can enter for and you just need to email with a specified keyword as the subject. This book is great for Jacob as he loves creepy crawlies and you can download an app to make the book come alive which is great fun.

Great British Sauce Company Sauces 
This was a competition on facebook and I commented saying I thought their Tomato and Mustard Sauce would be perfect for hotdogs and I was chosen as the lucky winner, and I was right it's lovely! I also won a bottle of their Hot and Sweet Chilli sauce which is again delicious.

£50 worth of Picture Books 
I'm counting this as a prize but it's kind of not a prize at the same time. A little while ago I won a competition with Mumsnet and then they accidentally announced me as a winner of another competition, realised their error, deleted the announcement and announced somebody else - who happened to be a comping friend so it was a bit bitter sweet. However to apologise for their mistake they sent me a selection of childrens picture books for Jacob worth £50 which was very welcome as we love to read.

Nokia 207 mobile phone 
This was won from Red Bus Cartridges on twitter and was a simple retweet. It's a nifty little phone which I've given my grandad as it's perfect for him!

A Village Barber Shaving Travel Kit
This was won from a simple entry form on the Living North magazine website and is one for the Christmas cupboard.

A collection of books from Metro Book Chat 
This was a facebook competition and the prize was Since We Fell, Scrappy Little Nobody and Party Girls Die In Pearls. I've been a fan of Anna Kendrick for a while so to win her autobiography was a great win for me and I'm enjoying reading it.

£5 Love2Shop voucher 
This was because me and my son are part of a survey panel called Chatterbox which asks about childrens tv programs. When you answer surveys you get entered into a prize draw for vouchers and other prizes. This is our second time of winning a voucher.

Mini Motsu toys 
As a comper there are a few prizes that are coveted - a fish slice, some cheese, and for many a win from Toby Toymaster. I finally got lucky on instagram and won two little Mini Motsu toys which are in the shape of a bee and a ladybird. In the package we also got a large Toby teddy, a small Toby teddy, some colouring pages, some balloons and some crayons so it was lovely to receive some extras and was a nice touch.

5 Picture Postcards
Munchkin ran a little giveaway on their facebook where they were giving away 5 photo prints to lots of people and we were lucky enough to get picked. I printed a couple of pictures of my new nephew, and two of Jacob. They arrived really quickly and are really good quality.

£10 Toby Carvery Voucher 
This was a facebook competition for a local branch. We love a good carvery and they are a really good place to take Jacob as two of his safe foods are mashed potato (in very large amounts) and gammon (although we have to call it chicken or he won't eat it).

Gazillions Mega Bubbles Wand 
This was a prize from a childrens magazine and came just in time for some bubble play in the garden during the sunny days. I hadn't used Gazillions products before and thought they were just like normal bubbles but I'm really impressed.

Personalised Savings Frame 
This was another facebook competiton run by the Sarahandtom page and was for their launch. I got to choose how I wanted my frame to be and I chose a Kawaii cloud theme with the words 'Squires Family Fund' on it. I think it's lovely and it fits in in my room perfectly.

A Professor Scrubbingtons hamper
This was from Nat Geo Kids for Jacob and is full of some fantastic kids products and as Jacob is obsessed with baths will come in very handy.

Engraved Pen Set 
I won this from Executive Pens on facebook. You had to comment with a bad Dad joke and mine was 'How do you make a tissue dance? Put a little boogie in it' The pen set was lovely and I had it personalised for my Dad and gave him it for Father's Day.

GOSH Craft Sets 
This was a prize offered by Mumsnet on Twitter and was a simple retweet competition. The prize is 5 different kits and they are priced at £9.99 each with profits going to GOSH. The sets are lovely, I expected them to be a little bit like toucan boxes but they are a bit more grown up. One of the sets had a make your own puppet set inside which Jacob enjoyed making.

Barny Binoculars 
This was a purchase comp where you buy the cake bars and put in a code from inside the box. There are 1000 weekly prizes of diaries and binoculars and then the main prize is a family trip to Cape Town to go on Safari.

Ballerina DVD 
I would like to say I know where this came from but alas there was no compliments slip and I've searched all over and I entered so many comps for this that I just don't know where it came from, so whoever it's from thank you.

Kinder Back Pack 
Kinder are doing personalised bags again and I was really pleased to win one for Jacob in our first week of entering.

Trampolining book 
This is a picture book from Quack and Field it was a simple retweet competition I found after a quick search one morning.

Wooden Number Plaque 
This was won from Bramble Signs on twitter and was just a simple retweet competition. It arrived this week and is a lovely heavy oak with our house number and a swirl pattern etched in. It's really lovely.

Minion Beach Ball 
This was from the Frubes daily competition, there are 50 prizes a day to give away and it's free to enter. The prizes are only small but Minions are such a big thing at the mo and the prizes make great little rainy day toys/gifts.

HEXBUG Spider 2.0 Tower Battle Ground 
This was a win from Epic childrens magazine and actually ended in November 2016 so has taken a wee while to arrive! Jacob is fascinated by it though.

The Boy, The Bird and The Coffin Maker 
This was a book won from World Book Day in one of their email competitions.

Yokai Watch Game and Goody Bag 
Another simple retweet competition win. This was a lovely win with a 3DS game, puzzle book, blind bag and a spy pen which is amazing. You can't see what you've written/drawn unless you shine the blue light within the lid on it. Super cool.

Miffy colouring book. 
This was part of the Miffy birthday twitter party. I did take a picture of Jacob wishing Miffy a happy birthday and a video too as I love Miffy and really wanted to win one of the amazing prizes and whilst we didn't win one of the larger prizes the colouring book is equally lovely and appreciated.

Tassimo Coffee Machine 
This was another purchase competition. I bought a pack of Belvita biscuits with the promotion on and I've been entering since the beginning of this competition and was super pleased to finally win in this weeks draw. It's quite ironic that I won a coffee maker as I don't drink coffee but I actually plan on gifting this to my grandparents with a hamper full of pods as they like their fancy drinks like latte's and cappucinos.

Craft Bundle 
This was a facebook competition by the Crafty Little Fox where you had to comment your favourite animal and colour. I won a lovely little set with lots of bright colourful felt shapes and flowers and some beautiful buttons. I love buttons, I used to sit as a kid with my nans button tin sorting through them all and this prize has some real stunners in.

Whittards of Chelsea Energize Bundle 
This was another facebook competition from Whittards of Chelsea. There were three bundles to choose from and you had to say which you would choose. I chose the Energize as lord knows I need some energy!

LEGO Batman bluray. 
I actually bought this film on Virgins On Demand service and due to the way Jacob watches things he didn't get to see it all so I was desperate to win a copy he could watch whenever he wants. This was a really simple facebook competition with Bluray where you had to say what films you would like to see brought out by LEGO. I couldn't really pick just one so I said Ghostbusters, Back to the Future and the Goonies. Three of my favourite films from my youth!

After the Fire book 
Another simple email competition this one from Usborne Books.

Fitbit Blaze 
Really pleased to win this as although I'm not the most mobile of people I do try and I like to try and encourage myself to maybe do one step more etc so I think this will be a great help. This was a dead easy competition with GoFest on Facebook where you just had to say what your dad's favourite sport was.

Anolon 18cm Saucepan 
This was a quick retweet competition from TeflonDSA on twitter. You can't beat a decent pan!

Selection of Corkers Crisps. 
I found this on twitter one morning while looking for competitions to enter. You had to say where they were starting to sell their crisps and the answer was Harrods. I think they had about 25 entries and I was picked as their lucky winner and received 12 bags of their crisps and popcorn.

Doc McStuffins Doctors Bag 
This was another childrens magazine win for Jacob. I think it's from Favourites magazine as there was no letter with it. It's been popped in the Christmas cupboard for now though.

Mighty Mighty Construction Book 
Again another childrens magazine win from Jacob, we read this tonight before bed and he really enjoyed it so I'm pleased with that.

A great month I'm sure you will agree. Lots of small prizes of books but we absolutely love books in our house so I'm not going to complain haha.

Here is to an amazing July!


  1. Wow some lovely prizes 😀 You can never have too many kids books!!

  2. Some fantastic comp wins there :)


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