Sunday, 31 December 2017

Comping in 2017

I have to say I had a pretty spectacular year for comping in 2017. 

I won a total of 425 prizes.  

Some were small - like a bag of chocolate buttons or a really awesome ring made from a penny. 

Some were big - like Jacob's Sphero Ultimate Lightning McQueen 

Some were priceless - like tickets to Paw Patrol Live and seeing my boys face light up. 

Before I started 2017 I made a little wish list of things I wanted to win, and we managed to tick quite a few things off it. Hubby got his track day, I said I wanted to win a FitBit but won three... and whilst I didn't manage everything on it I am so pleased with what we did. 

I've managed to give friends and family some amazing presents that I wouldn't have normally been able to. 

My family have had days out from the Cinema, to Paw Patrol Live, LEGOland Discovery Centre in Manchester and we have tickets and passes to use throughout 2018 for things like the Jorvik attractions and Thackray Medical Museum. 

I've done a little breakdown of how I won my prizes, social media was definitely my friend this year, and we did amazing with childrens magazines winning 45 prizes from them across the year! 

So now as 2017 ends and 2018 begins I'm looking at what I would like to achieve from comping next year. I've made my little wishlist again like I did last year so I can focus on finding prizes that are on it and some of the prizes that we missed out on in 2017 have carried over. 

I hope my friends and comping buddy's have an amazing year of winning.

Danielle xx 


  1. oh my goodness fantastic haul well done you, thank you for the breakdown of how you won prizes really helpful and encouraging for a newbie like me

  2. Congratulations on your wins Dani, I know a lot of effort goes into winning. Hope 2018 is a lucky year too

  3. WELL DONE---great to see the pie chart break down of your wins very useful


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